2D versus 3D Cell culture

Traditional two-dimensional (2D) cell cultures lack the metabolic and proliferative gradients that are present in the body. As a result, cells grown in 2D are not physiologically relevant, and important discoveries may be missed.

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3D Cell Culture Products

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What are your research interests? Learn about 3D Cell Culture 3D Spheroid Culture for Cancer Research 3D Hanging Drop Embryoid Body Culture for Stem Cell Research 3D Spheroid Culture for Toxicity Testing 3D Cell Culture Products

Why 3D Biomatrix?

3D Biomatrix’s products make it simple to integrate 3D cell culture into discovery research. The 96- and 384-well Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates, assays and other tools incorporate important features that allow a more physiologically-relevant, human-mimicking environment for cell biology, cancer and stem cell research and more.

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"...the Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plates have finally given me consistent cell growth and morphology, and the spheroids size and shape are remarkably reproducible..."

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