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Perfecta3D Cell Viability Kit


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Perfecta3D® Cell Viability Kit (HDPCVK-1)
Kit contents: WST-1 Reagent (powder), 96-Well Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plate, Electron Mediator Solution, Round Bottom Clear Plate
Hanging Drop Plate includes lid and tray. Individually packaged.
Untreated. Polystyrene. Sterile.

Ordering the Perfecta3D Cell Viability Kit through 3DBiomatrix.com available to U.S. customers only. For international orders, please contact us.

Cell proliferation assays have been widely used to assess cell cycle regulatory factors such as growth factors, cytokines, mitogens, and drugs. The Perfecta3D Cell Viability Kit, developed by 3D Biomatrix and Cayman Chemical, provides an easy-to-use format for studying cell proliferation in 3D spheroids generated in the Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates. The assay is based on the enzymatic cleavage of the tertrazolium salt WST-1 to formazan by cellular mitochondrial dehydrogenases in viable cells. This kit will allow investigators to screen drug candidates involved in cell cycle regulation in a 3D format.
Stability: 1 year
Storage: -20°C
Shipping: Dry ice in continental US; may vary elsewhere

Plate Handling and Spheroid Formation Protocol [Download]
Perfecta3D Cell Viability Kit Booklet [Download]

Other Protocols [Click Here]